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We love sports.

We see it as a social barrier breaker, a difference maker. From Jesse Owens, the African-American sprinter who won four gold medals at Hitler’s Berlin Games, disproving the Nazi theory of Aryan racial superiority, to the four time world champion US women's soccer team and their fight for gender equality. Sports is a huge part of our history. It's also a huge part of our day to day. Our way of improving our mental and physical health, our escape from stress and from the days that just don't go as planned.

When the pandemic arrived, our goal was simple.
Use our 3D tech factory to develop a mask that would not only protect the users and the ones around them, but that would not get in the way of their performance. In that pursuit, we brought the best designers we knew on board and they made it one seamless, comfortable and stylish piece that wouldn’t affect breathing! We were in awe! Finally, we produced it in a waste and sweatshop-free manner. We valued quality and ethics over the lowest possible price. What you see here is the result of our values, hard-work, and our passion for sports and technology combined.

This is our story. We hope you like it.


What makes us wake up every day is the passion for designing products using innovative technologies so they can be applied to improve the performance of everyone who wears them during sports. 

super protective face mask

The only mask you'll need.


A Sports Fit

Tested and approved by athletes around the world. Made with 3D KNIT technology. 
No suction effect even during heavy breathing.


Waste-free Production

Our masks are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and their production is waste-free, as they are 3D printed.


A Comfortable Design

The mask is one seamless piece that adapts to the shape of your face for greater comfort and protection.

What people are saying


"Excellent mask. I managed to run again without feeling suffocated"

Kitch Hamilton


"Great product. I use it in the gym, and it's the best mask I've ever used working out. I also like that it doesn't hurt my ears."

Lucas Boardman


"Very comfortable and perfect for CrossFit"

Paola Senra