Sport Pride Grey

$11.99 $27.99

Performance Built

Created with 3D technology KNIT,  has an anatomical shape that brings more comfort to the face and an adjustable strap that allows a unique fixation creating a perfect fit without using the ears for support.

Incredible Airflow

The 3-D filter support provides a non-muffling ventilation system, avoiding any suction effect. Also this support structure was designed to stays off your mouth allowing you to have a better breathability

Eyewear Fit Design

The Sport Mask was designed to help with the reduction of lens fogging with an ergonomic fit for a close seal that lets eyewear sit naturally on the face.

Ears Free

No more discomfort and pain from ear straps. The Fiber Knit Sport Pride is the most comfortable face mask that prevents ears from getting sore. Made for all-day wear and incredible comfort.

Stay Safe

The Fiber Knit Mask was designed to keep you protected from bacteria, pollen, fumes, and any particles when combined with the filter.


The mask for travelers!

Eco-friendly and reusable, Fiber Knit Sport Mask’s anti-fog, breathable ergonomic fit provides comfortable coverage for your nose, mouth, and chin.

Say goodbye to travel-related mask-wearing complaints such as breathability, fogged eyeglass lenses, muffled speech, discomfort, skin breakouts.

The perfect travel accessory.

Convenient and easy to lift up to sneak a sip or bite of food while you’re in the air.